Seminar S3 BU - Spring Semester 2020

Picture: «Raum für Menschen?», Bild aus: Herman Hertzberger, Vom Bauen – Vorlesungen über Architektur, München 1995.

Architects are well advised to engage with the society in and for which they work. For roughly 200 years, the discipline of sociology has been a source of knowledge providing orientation in this regard. Subjects of sociology comprise: the functioning of society or the phenomena of social environment, including in particular the societal consequences of the ongoing significant structural changes which are greatly accelerated by globalisation and the current technological revolution; management of soil as a resource and housing issues and coexistence in cities and urban agglomerations that are increasingly multi-ethnic and multicultural, but also reflections on interventions, such as temporary usage for urban development “from below” in Switzerland and other parts of the world. The lecture series will also serve as an introduction to the history, basic concepts as well as methodological approaches of both quantitative and qualitative sociological urban studies.

Learning Outcomes
Basics of sociology, different interaction models for describing the interaction between built infrastructure and society as well as concrete examples from the everyday work of sociologists: participation models, urbanity, public space/private sphere, sociological field research, reception strategies of sociological research results for architects.

Teaching Forms
Active participation, preparatory reading of texts handed out during the lecture. Minutes of the guest contributions (group work) as well as by each individual student: a written, 2-page long reflection on the contributions’ content, and presenting it during the plenary session 11.06.2020.


Teaching Team
Tim Kammasch
Tobias Baitsch, Daniel Blumer, Sebastian Bührig, Philippe Cabane, Joachim Huber; Joëlle Zimmerli


Berner Fachhochschule, Pestalozzistrasse 20, 3400 Burgdorf
Building B, room B102

ECTS units

First meeting
05.03.2020, 10:25-11:55 Introduction with Tim Kammasch

Further dates:
12.03.2020 with Joachim Huber

19.03.2020 with Joëlle Zimmerli

26.03.2020 with Daniel Blumer

02.04.2020 with Tim Kammasch

09.04.2020 with Tobias Baitsch

30.04.2020 with Tobias Baitsch

07.05.2020 with Sebastian Bührig (double session compensating Holzbautag)

28.05.2020 with Philippe Cabane

11.06.2020 Final discussion with Joachim Huber