Parc Chasseral : PlusEnergy district for the revitalisation of historic village centres

Studio Architecture & Areal Fall 2019

Image: Filmset Dogville, Lars van Trier 2003



According to Rem Koolhaas, the fact that more than 50% of the world's population lives in cities serves as an excuse not to care about the 98% of the earth's surface that makes up the countryside (see Guggenheim Museum New York, “Countryside”). Therefore, in Studio Nods, we will raise the question of the contemporary image of a village that is part of the Chasseral Landscape Park. The spatial planning and architectural development of Nods will be examined in the context of PlusEnergy communities which include not only buildings and their function but also the issue of mobility. A PlusEnergy community, in addition to its intended residential, commercial or mixed-use aspects, also serves as a power plant. It generates more energy than it consumes during the course of a year. The accumulated surplus may be used to create an added value, which can revive the village centre of Nods.


Teaching Aims

The aim of the studio is to achieve an integral understanding of issues of contemporary rural living and working while offering new and unexpected solutions. Because of the smaller economic scope and the smaller number of residents, sharing communities and synergies are even more important concerns in rural areas than in the city. Combining living, working and mobility in a PlusEnergy community increases awareness of sustainability and identity. Despite its well-preserved building fabric, the historical centre of Nods is very much confronted with the question of identity, because it, like so many historical centres, is underused and the potential of public life is in fact limited. With the project of the PlusEnergy District for living and working, we will further develop or reform this identity.

Teaching Forms

Students will work on the project individually and in groups, from the analysis through to the conception and up to possible marketing and communication strategies. The Institute “Dencity” of the UAB, which guarantees direct access to current research contents and methods, complements the studio. The studio Architecture & Areal is conducted in collaboration with the Atelier Architecture and Wood. This offers a holistic view, in terms of issues of spatial planning from the specialisation Architecture & Areal and of the constructive detail from the focus area Architecture and Wood.


German, individual coaching in English and French

First meeting
Studio: Monday, 16. September 2019
Special program during the first two weeks of the semester

Further dates

Individual coachings on tuesdays and wednesdays.

Inputs on wednesdays 08:20-09:05.

Lukas Huggenberger, Dozent für Architektur und Entwurf (Leitung Atelier)
Dr. Joachim Huber, Professor für Architektur



Number of participants
max. 15