12.04.2014 – 19.04.2014

madrid eve2014
Image : Caixa Forum, Madrid, Herzog De Meuron

The eventful history of the Spanish capital of culture is also reflected in its cityscape. The visitor has ample choice for sightseeing, from the golden age of the Habsburg family (Barrio de los Austrias) through the Belle Époque, Modernism as well as the real estate boom of the nineties to the architecture in the current crisis. It is the perfect place to experience, in a very tangible manner, architecture and urban development in their socio-historical context.
Miguel Fisac, Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, Alejandro de la Sota, Rafael Moneo, Jean Nouvel and Herzog & de Meuron are only some of the names associated with buildings in Madrid. However, the diversity of the city is also influenced by a rich cultural milieu and lively literary scene, by an active civic movement, by a passion for tango, football and the cinema. The week affords a multi-facetted insight into the Spanish capital.

Our focus will be directed to different aspects:

/ During a stroll together around the city, we will gather first impressions.
/ In the day workshops from Sunday to Tuesday, we will examine architectonic, urban and cultural topics.
/ During the in-depth seminars from Wednesday to Friday, we will address a concrete problem and outline scenarious, concepts and possible solutions.
/ At the evening anchor meetings, there will be specific contributions in plenary that will serve as introduction to the city from various perspectives. The anchor meetings also provide a plateform for exchanges and for discussing experiences.


Structure of the week


First meeting
Saturday 12.04.2014 at 16:00

The study trip to Madrid is an event that is offered in cooperation with the Bachelor in Architecture in Burgdorf.

Tim Kammasch
Kathrin Merz



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