the courses are dispensed at the Geneva Institute of technology, architecture and landscape (hepia-ge)

Urban Seminars [link]

Seminars are shared between conferences, visits on the field and lab exercises. They end with a critical synthesis session involving participants and conveyed personalities.


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S3 "Urban scales"
this seminar directly observes the city in its forms and current states as an organization undergoing a constant transformation.

S6 "Urban condition"
this seminar focuses on the perception the users have of their city. Therefore, these actors and protagonists within the city give a general outlook at our work.

S9 "Beyond urban"
this seminar questions our ethical positioning and our critical role played on the transformation of the city

Urban Studios [link]

Workshop teaching is based on the definition of the basic structure of a territory, the status of the soil, networks and developed site, landscape, of any social, cultural and historical traces that govern the specificity of a site, through critical, interpretative-oriented analysis not only to diagnose but especially to reveal the ambition of a place.

melun senart

It tests the existing relationships between architectures rather than architects themselves, between formal spaces and informal spaces, the alignment between urban forms, but also morphological order issues resulting therefrom.

Optional courses geneva [link]