7th of March 2016 - 11th of March 2016



vertigo semesterbook
still from the movie "Vertigo" by Alfred Hitchcock



The theory seminar S1 will deal with the architectural and cinematic space. The focus is on the scenographic potential of architecture. Cinematic space is being created in front of the camera, with the camera, as well as behind the camera (cut). In the seminar, we will analyse the creative strategies that create the spatial atmosphere on all three levels and test how they may be used for the creation of an architectural space.


The students will analyse movements in space, time, and plot dealing with Kafka’s novel «The Trial» by means of collages, storyboards, and scene models. Furthermore, they will design a scene architecturally, film on the model and rework it (editing). What has been read in space-related theory texts and in Kafka’s novel “The Trial” will be put in a first task prior to the seminar. During the seminar week we have at least two evenings planed with movie presentations in Burgdorf and the Lichtspiel in Berne.

Active participation during the whole of the seminar’s week. Preliminary reading of Reader, Textbook and Kafka’s Novel “The Trial” (in German, English or French or any other language) is compulsory. Active involvement in the respective team, contribution of the team to the production of the work. The individual pre-task can up- or downgrade the students individual evaluation - according the group evaluation.

Teachers: Marcel Bächtiger, Tim Kammasch, Annette Spindler, Stanislas Zimmermann, Victoria Catunda Gross
Place: Building B and Auditorium, BFH AHB, Pestalozzistrasse 20, 3401 Burgdorf
First meeting:Monday 07th of March 2016, 09:00 am at the Casino / Burgdorf
Dates: March 7th – March 11th 2016, 09:30 – 22:00 every day
Participants: JMA students from Burgdorf, Fribourg & Geneva