elop* - environment-focused learning and operative platform

A platform for transdisciplinary and transcultural collaboration


elop receives Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching

Kathrin Merz and Key Portilla Kawamura receive the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching for the project «elop* - environment-focused learning and operative platform». The project was awarded due to the project’s outstanding didactical and innovative teach-learn-scenario.

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elope becomes elop*

The rebranding of the platform parallels a series of organisational changes and the progression of the project as well as the alliance towards an established academic structure with an operational office and the prospect of professional services-provision in the near future


About elop* 

Multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration are emerging key competences of tomorrow's professionals. The learning and teaching platform elop* offers the possibility to acquire such experiences in the framework of a graduate program. At the core of the program, constructed around an innovation-based trans-disciplinary design process, is the development of real projects with actual clients. Students of different disciplines from the elop* alliance, an international network of universities, work together using advanced information and collaboration technologies and methods.



The next project will start in September 2013

elop*6  Crossroad / Crossfunctions - Stanford / Palo Alto
Fall Semster 2013

elop* has been engaged since its outset in 2009 in complex tasks that can only successfully be tackled by multi-disciplinary teams. elop* works with students and faculty from an international network of partner universities (elop*alliance).


After 5 editions that have taken place in Switzerland (x3), China and Gemany, in 2013 the program goes to USA for the first time. Stanford University, an elop*alliance partner, has taken the initiative to organise elop*6.


The challenging and complex nature of the context and the theme at stake are ideal for an elop* project. The inspiring research and academic environment of Stanford and Silicon Valley bring an extra layer of motivation to the project.

Application (with CV and Letter of Motivation) until July 5th 2013 to elop.ahb@bfh.ch

for details click on image or check www.ahb.bfh.ch/elop


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New Lead elop* July 2012


Over the past five years, elop* (former elope) the learning and teaching platform for interdisciplinary and cross- cultural collaboration has become a focus in our Joint Master of Architecture program in Burgdorf.
The elop* idea was initiated by Peter Bölsterli and Christoph Holliger and has profited from their vision, enthusiasm and engaged leadership. With four successful elope editions, the project has evolved and with it an international network of renowned Universities.

Peter Bölsterli and Christoph Holliger will now be pursuing new challenges and are consequently handing over the lead to a new team. This consists of Key Kawamura with his Partner Ali Ganjavian from kgstudio and Kathrin Merz. Key, an internationally networked architect based in Lausanne is co-head of the multi-disciplinary creative platform Studio Banana. Kathrin is part of the original elop* founding team. The elop* crew is supported by Guy Lafranchi Professor for Architecture Design at Bern University of Applied Sciences.