7x24x52 Water and Ice

Project Fall 2011

elope, the platform for learning and teaching at the Bern University of Applied Sciences‘ School of Architecture, has been engaged in complex tasks that can only successfully be tackled by multi-disciplinary teams. elope works with students and faculty from an international network of partner universities. The project themes always circle around the meta-topic of Architecture & Health. The elope 4 project „7x24x52 Water and Ice“ has its specific focus on water and ice sports infrastructures of the city and greater region of Bern, Switzerland.

The Project
How do urban sports- and leisure-facilities of the future look like, how are they constructed and funded and what kind of performances do they have to fulfill?
The project 7x24x52 Water and Ice was initiated by the Real Estate Administration of the City of Bern and the Department of Sports Bern. Public infrastructures of water/aquatic and ice sports, built in Bern between the 20s and 70s of the last century, have passed their peak of life. There is an urgent need to find solutions for the future of the existing built infrastructure: e.g. demolition, renovation, modernization, replacement and restoration, linkage with additional functions. Besides structural problems of the buildings, questions of future user groups and their needs, financial feasibility and the requirements of sustainability are additional challenges.
elope 4 is looking for a sports facility of the future. 7x24x52 Water and Ice wants to create a paradigm shift in the understanding of high standard sports infrastructures with respect to mul­tiple sports segments as well as technological design aspects by observing sustainable thinking in an ecologic and economic sense. Only solid/resilient models that are inherently open for chan­ges and offering a high standard of design quality are able to survive’ in today‘s competitive market.
Innovation – concepts of innovation
Multiple use and flexibility
Business models
Lifecycle scenarios
Keeping and developing identity
Creating atmosphere

In internationally composed and multidisciplinary teams the students from architecture, civil engi­neering, construction and process management, sport facility management, etc. shall co-operate in this trans-disciplinary project towards a sustainable solution on a real site in the area of Weyermannshaus, Bern, Switzerland, by using modern information and collaboration technolo­gies.

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Application until August 2nd 2011 including CV & lettre of motivation

Presentation Joint Review June 23 2011



Urban Situation



Existing Sports Facilities Weyermannshaus, Bern


Ice rink

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