How and where do architects position themselves nowadays? Which themes are relevant? Which methods are successful? Which partnerships are helpful? The theory seminars in Burgdorf survey the work area and the working environment of architecture. Careful consideration is given in lectures, debates and workshops to permanent changes in the social, economic and cultural einvironment. Any new opportunities for architectural work offered by changes are pinpointed; scrutiny of historic structures is complemented by an intent look at the present. The concept of architecture as a hybrid and networked discipline, with architectural design at its core, forms an important fundamental element of the seminars.


Every two years the Burgdorf Seminar goes to the Architectural Biennale in Venice.

There will be a new configuration of different types of theory seminars:

S1= The theory seminar that lasts a whole week
S2= The theory seminar that takes place on 5 single days during one semester
S3= The local theory seminar offered every Semester by each site (every Week two hours)

Each theory seminar typ conveys 3ETCs.


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