jointmaster of architecture is a research-based architectural education with an innovative curriculum aiming at the development of a creative, autonomous and responsible architect

jma works simultaneously on two levels : the questioning of professional practices and the exploration of trans-disciplinary connections

jma has a networked, adjustable and dynamic structure, responding to changes and new job requirements; the master program is organized jointly by the architectural departments of Universities of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and Berne (BFH); the partner schools are the Geneva Institute of technology, architecture and landscape (HEPIA-Ge), College of engineering and architecture Fribourg (EIA-FR) and the School of architecture, civil engineering and timber Burgdorf (HSB)

jma is multilingual (French-German-English), a platform of multicultural exchanges

jma may be followed full time or part-time, in parallel to a professional practice

Full-time study: 2 years

5ECTS Modulplan full time

Part-time study: 3 years
5ECTS Modulplan part time 3

Part-time study: 4 years
5ECTS Modulplan part time 4