EVE : Architecture & Music

Designing and Building the Pavilion of Resonance

Joan Baez und Bob Dylan auf der Bühne des Newport Folk-Festival 1963 (Rhode Island, USA)


In the EVE 2023 module, we will look at the relationship between architecture and music and translate it into the construction of an outdoor stage for the Theater Orchestra Biel Solothurn at the Lake of Biel.

The topic will be presented to students in the form of lectures. We will analyze the specific requirements that buildings such as concert halls and outdoor stages must meet and explain interesting analogies between architectural and musical composition and aesthetics. Evening film screenings and musical performances will illustrate these relationships with concrete examples. As a practical exercise, we will build the Resonance Pavilion – an outdoor stage for the Theater Orchestra Biel Solothurn (TOBS). As part of an option course during spring semester, students design a modular system. As part of EVE, the students use this system to design a pavilion that responds to the specific location and acoustic requirements of the users. The best solution will be selected through an internal competition. The students will then manufacture the modules from recycled material and assemble them. The final day will be devoted to musical performances and a party.

Teaching objectives

Understanding of the various relationships and potential synergies between the two disciplines of architecture and music. Students will learn how the physical properties of material and construction techniques can contribute to the creation of specific atmospheres in built structures and influence the human experience. In addition, they will learn about different methods of working with wood and reused materials. In interdisciplinary teams, they will respond to complex logistical, construction and planning constraints.

Learning objectives

Lectures, films, concerts, table discussions, experiments, digital and physical analysis of the acoustics, design and practical experience in architectural construction.

Additional information

Computer, cameras, mobile phone, sketch books, pencils. Re-used materials and tools necessary for production and assembly will be provided by the workshop organizers.

2023 Printemps
Stanislas Zimmermann

Stadtlabor / Laboratoire Urbain Biel-Bienne
Aarbergstrasse 112 (Volkshaus/Maison du peuple)
2502 Biel-Bienne



Premier contact

Monday, 19 june 2023, 9.30 – 18.00


Tuesday until Friday, 20 - 23 june 2023, 9.00 – 18.00.
Optional cultural program and grill on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 19.00 to 22.00


Anglais, Français, Allemand