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André Ullal

Architect (M.Arch, Melbourne, 2001) and academic (PhD., Melbourne, 2018). In professional practice, he has worked on architecture and construction projects for the United Nations in countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. In academia, his research with EPFL addresses building sustainability and resilience in low-income and developing economies


Ullal, A. (2022), « Construction conditions and practices during war in Afghanistan », Construction Management and Economics, forthcoming

Ullal, A., Aguacil, S., Vannucci, R., Yang, S., Goyette-Pernot, J., Licina, D., Tombesi, P. (2022), « Comparing thermal performance of standard humanitarian tents », Energy and Buildings, 264, 112035, DOI: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2022.112035

Ullal, A., Tombesi, P. (2021), « Dimensions and correlates of development in construction », Journal of Construction in Developing Countries, 26(2): 37–64, DOI: 10.21315/jcdc2021.26.2.3.