JMA Biel has developed its own architectural concepts based on conceptual and constructive approaches. The competencies specific to BFH are concentrated in two thematic areas: “Architektur & Holz” (Architecture & Wood) makes use of proximity to the wood sector and links national and international research with teaching. “Architektur & Areal” (Architecture and Land Use) and the Dencity competence group are in close contact with the internal developments and strategies of the building industry.Architecture & Wood (Architektur & Holz)

The workshops of the “Architecture & Wood” area focus on different methods, themes and scales of magnitude in each semester. Building in the Existing Context (S): Contextual design of conversions, additions, extensions and new buildings. Space and System (M): Constructive design of multi-storey wooden buildings. Construction and Craft (XS): Experimental design and planning and construction of 1:1 mockups. Design, Planning and Production (L): Advanced design and development of wood buildings.

Architecture & Areal (Architektur & Areal)

The “Architecture and Areal” also comprises four main themes. Ensemble and Continuity (M): Development in sensitive locations and dealing with cultural heritage. Districts and Infrastructure (XL): Transformations in a large-scale context, including planning instruments and political processes. Land Use and Development (L): Interventions in periurban areas and focus on economic aspects. Land Use and Society (XXL): City, neighbourhoods and planning processes.

Topic overview of the next years.