The areas of focus of the JMA site in Fribourg are linked to the institutes and research centres affiliated with the Fribourg School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA-FR), and more particularly with the TRANSFORM Institute. These connections lay the foundation for an effective and coherent synergy between teaching and research.Transformation

This first focus is a transversal theme that brings together several disciplines. It mobilises knowledge and an understanding of the past (history and theory) by connecting them with a vision of the future (project). The theme of ‘transformation’ crosses and links scales from construction elements, interior spaces and buildings, to districts, cities and territories. At the Master’s level, transformation is explored more globally in the majority of project workshops as a process of change, adaptation, optimisation, variation, evolution and transition.

Smart Building

This second focus addresses the issue of sustainability of building technologies. How do design choices influence comfort and energy consumption? How can we improve the energy efficiency of buildings? How can we imagine the habitat of the future? This theme – which is anchored in the reflection carried out at SMART LIVING LAB (the research and development centre dedicated to the habitat of the future) – allows the introduction of the notions of life cycle, energy and resource saving in general, building adaptability and reuse of materials.