Sites partenaires

Teaching is provided by the architecture departments of the three partner universities: the Department of Architecture, Wood and Civil Engineering of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH-AHB), the Fribourg School of Engineering and Architecture (HES-SO – HEIA-FR) and the Geneva School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture in Geneva (HES-SO – HEPIA), which are designated as the JMA sites in Biel, Fribourg and Geneva respectively.

Students admitted to the JMA are registered at the BFH or the HES-SO. They may enrol in any of the modules offered by the JMA sites within the framework of the course, regardless of their university of registration. They thus have a wide and complementary choice of courses that allows them to shape their curriculum according to their personal interests and the skills they wish to develop, in compliance with the study plan. Some common modules, organised by each of the partner sites in turn, will bring together all the students of the first three semesters in the same teaching location.

Specific skills

The partner sites have specific competency profiles and offer courses in the following thematic areas:

The teaching at each site is carried out in accordance with the common teaching objectives and study plan.


HES-SO Master
Avenue de Provence 6
CH – 1007 Lausanne

+41 58 900 00 00


Aarbergstrasse 112
CH – 2502 Biel

+41 34 426 41 74